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Provides clients with tower sites for wireless networks.
Manages its exclusive rooftop sites for use as communications sites.

Tower Site Management (Tower Leasing)

Subcarrier Communications is one of the premiere tower site management and telecommunications infrastructure development companies in the United States. It engages in the ownership, management and development of high-capacity telecommunications towers. The company leases antenna space to the full spectrum of wireless service providers on its owned and managed towers. The company also engages in third party marketing, management and building rooftop tower leasing and other suitable structures throughout the United States. As of January 2010, The tower management company owned and managed over 1,100 telecommunication sites. In addition, the company engages in network services such as network design, site construction, antennae installation, subsequent augmentation and maintenance services. The company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

Subcarrier Communications is a tower site builder, tower site management co. and rooftop leasing company for:

• Verizon Wireless
• AT&T
• T-Mobile
• Sprint/Nextel
• Clearwire
• State of New Jersey
• Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

• State of Indiana
• US Department of Natural Resources
• US Department of Homeland Security
• US Department of Defense
• US Coast Guard

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